Why Become A Member

Why become a member?


Be in the Right Company

The world's leading private equity and venture capital fund managers as well as leading Indian fund managers are members of IVCA. Thus IVCA is able to provide opportunities to our members to network with leaders in the eco-system.


Promote Regulatory Development

Contribute to the development of India's private equity, venture capital, angel and start-up regulatory developments. Government agencies regularly approach IVCA seeking suggestions on reforms. IVCA consults its members, submits recommendations and meets the senior most Government officials to explain the rationale and justification for reforms. Various Ministers attend IVCA meetings which gives a chance to our members to have first-hand exposure to policymakers.SEBI has invited the IVCA Chairman, Vice-Chairman and President as well as a member on its high profile Alternative Investment Policy Advisory Committee (AIPAC). By becoming a member of IVCA you gain access to an invaluable library of nearly 60 representations which IVCA has made to Government agencies in the past few years.

The purpose of IVCA's recommendations is to help increase the flow of stable, long-term patient private equity, venture capital and angel capital to India. IVCA endeavours to promote the flow of such capital from international and domestic sources. Recommendations cover all aspects of the investment cycle beginning from development of local pension funds, fund formation, deal flow generation, deal structuring, entry of capital in India, listing in India or overseas and exits by a variety of methods including IPOs, M&As and other techniques.

Recent representations have covered pass-through taxation, permanent establishment issues and the Foreign Venture Capital Investment (FVCI) regime.


Take Advantage of IVCA Services

IVCA provides various services including a newsletter dedicated to PE and VC, data on PE & VC trends and specialised reports prepared in partnership with leading global and Indian firms.


Help Build the Eco-System

Members can help build the eco-system in several ways and have their efforts supported and recognised in partnership with IVCA. For example, IVCA has worked Microsoft Ventures to help connect start-ups in their Accelerator in Bangalore with some of the leading Venture Capital members of IVCA.Ultimately, such activities of IVCA help increase the quality deal flow which can be accessed by our members.


Gain Knowledge about Limited Partners

Those members who are interested in meeting Limited Partners can approach IVCA. For example, IVCA organized an event overseas for fund managers from India to make presentations to an audience including international limited partners.

So if you are a fund manager, limited partner or a service provider, you should become a member of IVCA. Contact Aakriti Bamniyal at