Ashley Menezes

Ashley Menezes

Partner & COO, ChrysCapital Advisors LLP

Mr. Menezes is a Partner at ChrysCapital and has been with the firm for over 18 years. He is a member of the advisory committee and is responsible for diligence, regulatory/industry relationships, legal, compliance and operations. Mr. Menezes is a private equity veteran and has served on the board of the Indian private equity association for almost eight years, including as the vice-chairman. He has also served as a member of the CII National Committee of private equity and other industry bodies.

Prior to ChrysCapital, Mr. Menezes was with KPMG, in its information technology and U.S. GAAP practices, where, among other things, he was involved in the ADR issues and NYSE/NASDAQ listings of several leading Indian companies. Mr. Menezes is a rank-holding Chartered Accountant and received a Bachelor’s degree in commerce from Mumbai University.


ChrysCapital Advisors LLP is the advisor to the ChrysCapital group of private equity funds that manages $3 billion across seven funds is one of the leading investment firms focused on India. With over 80 investments since 1999, ChrysCapital has valuable experience in investing across a breadth of sectors that leverage growth. Its disciplined investment approach translates the growth in the Indian economy into superior returns for investors. ChrysCapital has developed a strong track record with several successful realizations. Its funds are ranked in the top decile of global private equity funds of similar vintage. ChrysCapital has proven to global investors that India is an extremely attractive investment destination.

ChrysCapital believes that partnerships with excellent entrepreneurs in attractive sectors are the foundation of successful private equity investing. The integrity and execution capability of management are the two most important factors in the evaluation of an investment opportunity. The aim of ChrysCapital is to be a trustworthy financial partner and a stable long-term investor.

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