Call for Donations

Call for Donations –

Dear Industry Member,

As you know India is going through an unprecedented crisis. Fear of falling sick has gripped the nation as
all hospitals are overstretched.

The biggest lack currently is of Oxygen. While the government has mobilised various sources, the need is
much much more.

A group of startup founders along with others started Mission Oxygen, 5 days back, to import Oxygen
Concentrators to India. These make Oxygen out of air.

The 1st batch of 550 is landing tonight. The fastest of any such effort in the country. A 2nd batch of 750
is landing day after. The team has learnt quickly how to source, negotiate, transport, clear, store and
distribute these concentrators.

They now want to raise Rs. 15cr to Rs. 30cr by tomorrow or the latest day after, to import 1500 to 3000
more by the weekend or early next week.

May I request you to consider contributing quickly and generously at this time when the people of our
country need us.

Tax benefits apply.

With Thanks,

Ps. You can track progress in

Date: 28 th April, 2021