Maximum India Conclave

Highlights | Maximum India Conclave 2021

The Indian Venture & Alternate Capital Association (IVCA) hosted the first edition of Maximum India Conclave (MIC) on 6-7-8 October 2021. It aims to add India as an opportunity for LPs looking to invest in India and enhancing investments for LPs who already have exposure. Designed to share knowledge, insights, deep research on sectors, themes, and build a collaborative, supportive investment community, an invite-only event, MIC has been curated for the Global Investment Community, evaluating destination India as an investment opportunity.

This event was being hosted in the presence of the Government of India to discuss the $5 trillion economy vision and role of Private Equity with the sole aim to expand the pools of money being invested in the country and prompt the domestic as well as global investors who have India in their checklist of probable Investment decisions and are considering adding India to their research and coverage.

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